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Wooden Tent

When we were kids I lived in the area where new houses were being built. Our street was already  finished but on the other side of the road was still a construction site. In the weekends, when there was nobody working, we would go there and take  materials - mostly wooden planks. We constructed a tent and every time ‘this thing’ grew just a bit larger. The interesting part was that, while we were sitting inside and holding the planks, one strong - but also bit dangerous - kid was attaching the wood from the outside. We were always worried that one day he would put on the final plank and lock us all in. This part was real fear; partly fear for fun but also all of us against him. There were no clear rules. We needed to stick together and keep an eye on him, because one day he was going to lock us forever. This mythical story of building a tent together kept me captivated.

Mathieu Gielen