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When we weren’t allowed to play together

At age 4-5 I was ill and not allowed to see any of my playmates. My best friend lived opposite and our living room windows faced each other on opposite sides of a busy road. We both would stand on a chair at the closed windows and after some excited waving we would start to invent games. We took turns running away from the window to find something to dress up. One would wait impatiently for the other to reappear behind the window, only to then also disappear and frantically try to match the ‘costume’ of the other. I remember putting on my father’s hat and old glasses to look like the old people who spent a lot of time looking out of the window. Then I used my blanket to pose as a ghost and he would after a short time come back with his father’s motorbike helmet, and so it went on every day till I was better again.